Parent Testamonials

Marie, Julia (5), Ahren (4), Marcus (2)

Marie is a busy mom with three children registered in Kindermusik as well as school and extra-curricular activities. She runs a business out of her home, and has shared this testimonial with me.  With permission, she shares it with us:

I just wanted to let you know (Donna) that we have finally found a way to regularly practice at home.  Last year, when Julia was in the Young Child program, level 1 and 2, we really struggled with finding time to practice.

And this year (2010), it’s working so well that I just had to share!  We followed your advice, and made the practice a routine, at the same time everyday.  The school bus picks up Julia at about 8:45 each morning.  So somewhere between 8:00 am and 8:30 am we start practicing and we play until the bus comes.  Notice I wrote PLAY.  She is only 5 and so I know what her really strong concentration time is about 5 minutes long.  So I make sure to vary it up based on all the good ideas and games we have learned with you.

I also have to mention that Julia has two younger brothers.  Luckly 3 times a week, they are either at my parents or the babysitter by 8am, so that means we have one-on-one time together which is awesome.  The other two days, we all practice together… Ahren gets his bells, and Markus has the drum or the resonator bars and we all play.  Sometimes those days work really well, other times not so much, but we always play music before the bus.  I’m finding that by doing it at the same time each day, then Julia doesn’t buck it much, because that’s just what we do while waiting for the bus.

Anyways… after a year, of trying to figure this one out, I’m so happy that we finally have a system that’s working for us!  And I’m sure you’ve noticed how much more Julia is able to do this year, since we are building on her learning so much more at home! We also have starting playing for anyone who comes to the house!  Grandma, auntie… etc.  That helps!  They give her great feedback and tell her they are so proud.


Jen & Ode (child in Our Time)

Kindermusik has been a fun and educational experience for our entire family. Not only has it further enhanced our son’s love of music and dancing, but it has also taught him independence and socialization skills.

Most notably, Donna has done a great job of teaching the concept of sharing – a skill that many parents, including us, have difficulty explaining. Donna is an asset to us, and she provides a safe, enjoyable, and caring environment in her studio.

Of course, the best part about Kindermusik has been the joy it brings to our son. We see smiles and hear laughter every time he sings and dances to one of the songs, reads one of the books, or just listens to one of the CD’s.

Kindermusik is a great addition to our family, and we recommend you make it a part of yours too!

Kelly & Jason (children in Village, Our Time & Imagine That!)

When I first began Kindermusik with my oldest daughter, who was six months at the time, I was expecting the forty-five minute class to teach me a few new songs and introduce my daughter to musical instruments. Kindermusik ended up being so much more! With take-home CD’s, storybooks, and instruments Kindermusik became a welcome part of our car rides, play time, bath time, and bed time.

As a parent with no formal musical background, Kindermusik classes have taught me how to use music to calm a fussy baby, turn a toddler’s tantrum into a song, and engage the entire family. We sing scales and glissandos at the park slide, ‘Wishy Washy’ in the bath, and beautiful lullabies from around the world before bed. Every day, I see examples of how Kindermusik has brought not only music but rhythms, patterns, vocabulary, social skills, and joy into our life.

Sylvain & Pam (child in Our Time – en français)

Our three-year-old son loves his Kindermusik classes. For him it’s a chance to try new rhythms, songs and movement. For us it’s an opportunity to expose him to French language and music in an accepting environment. He has cerebral palsy, which makes it difficult for him to coordinate his muscle movements. Donna makes every effort to adapt her class components so he can fully participate with the other kids.

Notre enfant de trois ans, adore la classe de Kindermusik. Il a la chance d’essayer de nouveaux rythmes, de nouvelles chansons et de nouveaux mouvements. C’est aussi une occasion de lui faire découvrir la langue française et la musique dans un contexte où il se sent accepté. Étant atteint de paralysie cérébrale, il a de la difficulté à coordonner les mouvements de ses muscles. Donna fait tout ce qui est nécessaire pour adapter son enseignement afin qu’il puisse participer pleinement aux activités.

Susanne & Rod (children in Village and Imagine That)

Kindermusik has made a noticeable difference in our boys’ enjoyment and appreciation of music, dance and play, has heightened their ‘active listening’ and their attention and interest in music of all kinds, musical instruments, lyrics and word-play. We think Kindermusik classes have enhanced their vocabulary, creativity and social interaction as a result.

Donna is very child-oriented and alters activities to accomodate the ages, attention span and daily ‘mood’ of the particular children in her class. We think this is beneficial and facilitates both learning and enjoyment for the children and parents.

Laurie (child in Imagine That – en français)

My son has been in Kindermusik at Donna’s Studio since January, 2007. During the week and all the way during our car ride to Donna’s Studio, my son sings his Kindermusik songs. Donna is a conscientious teacher who is devoted to providing Kindermusik to the francophone community in Regina. My son and I appreciate how her classes include a variety of movement, song, stories, and play with instruments. There is a balance between group time and time for the parent and child to interact together. I appreciate Donna’s inclusive approach and the interest she takes in each child’s development… music is for everyone and Donna Johnston-Martel makes learning music fun!

Mon fils et moi assistons depuis janvier 2007 aux sessions de Kindermusik au studio de Donna Johnston-Martel. Une enseignante consciencieuse, Donna dévoue ses samedis à la communauté francophone pour offrir des sessions de Kindermusik en français. Ayant un bon équilibre d’activités de groupe et activités parent-enfant, ses sessions de Kindermusik incorpore une variété de chansons, mouvement et danse, lecture d’histoires aux enfants, et la possibilité d’apprendre à jouer une variété de petits instruments. Nous apprécions en particulier son approche inclusive et l’intérêt dont elle fait preuve pour ses petits élèves. C’est avec hâte que nous attendons nos classes de Kindermusik… on s’amuse en apprenant avec Donna!

Jan (child in Our Time)

Our three-year old daughter, Paige, loves attending Kindermusik class! Every class is a mix of singing, playing, musical instruments, dancing and storytime. She has been attending classes since she was an infant … her cognitive, emotional, social and physical self have all developed amazingly.

Kindermusik has given her a move for music, rhythm and self-expression. She now sings and dances everyday! We look forward to the class each and every week … it has become a very special hour to spend together.

Rita (children in Young Child and Our Time)

My son started Kindermusik with Donna when he was two. He will be going into Young Child – semester 3 in the fall where he will continue learning the glockenspiel, the dulcimer, and eventually the recorder in semester 4. My daughter started coming along to son’s class when she was born, and has been a student ever since!

My son is a creative character, and Donna does not stifle that in any way. In fact, she nourishes the very creativity that might not be encouraged in other programs. She welcomes all children to discover and explore in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Donna is a very genuine and warm person that the children gravitate towards. Often in my daughter’s class, one or two of the children end up sitting on her lap during story time. Donna gets down on the floor, dances and interacts with every child. She gives an idea for a certain song or activity and lets the child have freedom in their movements or expressing their own ideas. She is sensitive to each child’s needs and the different ways the children observe, learn, absorb, act and react to what is going on around them.

I have found the Kindermusik family is a great social network. I have made close friends with other moms I have met through the classes as well.

I highly recommend Kindermusik at Donna’s Studio. I love it, and more importantly my kids love it.