What Kindermusik is All About

A Kindermusik class involves the whole child in an enriching program that combines singing and dancing, listening and movement, instrumental playing and much more! Infants at birth through to children of age 7 will enjoy a meaningful and educational experience in a fun and supportive environment.

Coupon for a Free ClassThrough exploration, guided instruction, modelling, and direct instruction the Kindermusik child will grow towards melodic and rhythmic reading and writing in their final years — Young Child. At this level, the child still experiences a creative approach to the discovery of musical concepts in a fun yet structured way. Parental involvement is crucial for the Kindermusik child’s growth and success on their instrument — the glockenspiel, dulcimer and recorder are introduced and studied within the four-semester Young Child program.

There are many opportunities for Adaptation in this studio — English and French classes are offered here AND children with special needs are invited to join at any of the age groups. If you have more questions, perhaps check out the FAQ section, or contact the instructor, Donna, via email.

Come by the studio for a free class and see first-hand how the classes are run. … to arrange a FREE class, contact Donna directly.