Missed Classes & Other Info

Missed Classes

If your child must miss a class, please contact Donna by email or call prior to class (306.569.5949  or  306.533.2463). No credit or refund will be given for missed classes, but arrangements may be made to attend at another time, if available. Please contact the Studio to make these arrangements.

Regular attendance will increase your child’s enjoyment and the benefits he/she receives.

Please consider your family’s healthy and those in the studio when attending;  if there is a cough, cold or fever please spend time at home getting well.  I’d love to work on finding a time for your family to join us for this missed class.  I appreciate, as well, keeping our Studio space healthy and clean.

Waiting Room

A Waiting Room is available before and during class for parents and siblings in the Imagine That and Young Child classes. Please do not leave children unattended in the room. No smoking, food or drinks are allowed in the Waiting Room (other than baby bottles).  Carseats & bags can be left in the Waiting Room or in the Laundry Room.

Please clean up the area that your family has played in, including things on the floor.  If there are toys that have been mouthed, please leave on the high shelf so that I can clean for the next group.

Please place all toys and books in the boxes & on the shelves when leaving the Waiting Room.


If you wish to bring an adult visitor to class or for the Sharing Time of Imagine That or Young Child classes, please call ahead for permission and to see if there is space available.

Typically for the Village/Foundations classes, I plan a visitor’s class during Week 6 & 7.  At this time, you may wish to invite another family member, your spouse/partner, or even a new family wanting to see what we do in a Kindermusik day!  Please notify the Studio if you are interested in bringing visitors and we’ll plan for them too.

VILLAGE (Foundations & Level 1) and OUR TIME (Level 2) classes:

Children in Village and Our Time classes must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please make child arrangements for older and younger siblings registered in the class.

Only siblings that are infants and are not yet crawling may attend the OUR TIME class by prior arrangement and provided that it does not become unduly distracting for others attending the class.

IMAGINE THAT! (Level 3) and YOUNG CHILD (Level 4 & 5) classes:

Crucial to learning in the pre-school and school-age classes is the component of a Sharing Time. This 10-15 minutes portion at the end of each class is designed to include the families that are attending. Please be on-time for this portion of the class … then children look forward to your return and participation!

Sharing time may be a Group dance or activity, a short review of a Concept learned in class, a time for the teacher to instruct a ‘new‘ Concept that needs to be worked on at home, or it could be a ‘presentation‘ of the song or activity we have done together as a class.

In the Young Child program, students are asked to practice 5-10 minutes daily with the help of an adult. As the semester continue, so does the expectations of longer and more quality practices times on the instruments, reading & writing music notation, and of course singing & moving to the dance routines.  If you have questions about how a practice time may work, please contact Donna directly by email. Children are instructed in a methodical manner to understand the steps involved in ‘micro-practicing’; breaking the workload into little bits and practicing them with intention and repetition. This brings faster success and less frustration.