General FAQ

Kindermusik at Donna's Studio is located in southeast Regina. The studio is based out of my own home and is located in Varsity Park; across from École Hawrylak School.
Please enter through the Garage door and then into the Studio. There is a sign on the door indicating instructions as well.
There is a black carpet in the foyer of the studio. Please bring your footwear in from the Garage and leave them neatly on the carpet. There are childrens' chairs and a bench for you to use. Coats & bags may be brought into the Waiting Room and hung on the wall hooks. Diaper bags are best left in the Waiting Room versus brought into the Studio --- other children are distracted/interested in playing with these objects. Carseats may be left in the Waiting Room or the Laundry Room if needed.
The Washroom is to the left once you've entered the foyer --- turn left and go through the Laundry Room, then to your right. Please ensure children have used the washroom and washed their hands prior to entering the Studio.
There is no water fountain. There are cups in a dispenser on the counter in the Washroom.
There is adequate parking on the street; if there is space available, park your vehicle in the driveway.
Depending on the age and level of each class, I accept 6-8 children/families in each class. For example, the Village class may have many infants that are not moving around and in this case I may take up to 8 children. For the toddler and pre-school classes it is best to have a smaller class size to accommodate movement and dance activities.
Babies may need to be nursed or have a bottle and the Waiting Room may be the place the family decides to use. Typically, it is best that little ones are fed a snack or their meal prior to attending class and before entering the Studio. Accidents may happen and it is also a distraction for other children.
Research indicates that children can be stimulated with all parts of their body including their feet. During Intentional Touch/Massage time for the babies, for example, children respond best with skin-to-skin contact and therefore barefeet is recommended. For movement activities through space, children are best stimulated on their feet without socks or sandals... dancing and feet movements with birth to school-aged children can best grip the floor surface better with barefeet.
That is not a problem. Every child learns differently. Every child will express them selves in my studio differently. I like to adhere to one simple yet meaningful thought ... as long as it is a safe activity and your child is on-task then their participation is acceptable. Disruptive behaviors need to be nurtured so that the child's energy can be refocused into a meaningful experience for themselves and others in the class. Children that are quiet observes need to be nurtured so that their energy can be meaningful when they decide to be creative or to partipate. Sometimes the child is cataloguing the experiences that the others in the class are sharing and then the child will explore some of these options at a different time (eg. at home, in the vehicle, at a friends, in the park, or the next Kindermusik class).
A policy in Kindermusik at Donna's Studio is to survey families presently registered in the classes for their input into designing a schedule for the following semester. Once this is established, I invited these families to an Early Registration (7-10 days) where they can register their child(ren) for the next semester in a space of their choice in the announced schedule. After this time, 'new' families are invited to register in the spaces that are available. Registration is based upon a first-come-first-serve basis --- the Fees must accompany the Registration Form to reserve your child's space in the class of your choice. The Tuition Fee may be post-dated to the first class, whereas the Registration Fee is used to reserve the child(ren)'s space and to purchase At-Home materials for the class. I recommend families providing a 2nd choice indication in the event that their 1st choice fills. To see the fee structure and scheduling for this semester, please return to the HOME page.
Yes, I am a registered Kindermusik teacher and I instruct all classes offered in Kindermusik at Donna's Studio. No one is allowed to teach Kindermusik classes or in a Kindermusik studio without holding a valid Kindermusik licence.
Kindermusik International has a fantastic selection of instruments, props, and other supportive/educational items that you with to consider for your home. Please note the age-appropriateness for each item that is listed on their website: http://kindermusik.com