Class Procedures

Before Class

  • Please plan to arrive about 5 minutes before class to allow the previous group to exit and to prepare your child(ren) for our class to start on-time. The doors will be unlocked about 10 minutes before the class begins.
  • Please feel free to park as may vehicles in the driveway as possible (during daytime classes). If the driveway is full, street parking is available. Please avoid walking on the neighbors’ lawns or blocking their driveway with your vehicle. Thanks!
  • Please enter and leave the house through the door on the South Side of the garage (you do not need to knock).
  • Please remove all outside footwear and leave it on the carpet at the back door. Bare feet, sock feet, or slippers are recommended for all classes. Coats may be hung on the hooks provided in the Foyer or Waiting Room. Please leave car seats and extra bags in the Waiting Room to avoid clutter in the Music Studio. Purses or other items you may need during class should be placed on top of the shelves in the studio, so as to be safely out of reach.
  • Before class begins, please wait in the Waiting Room until your class is invited to enter the Studio (about 3-5 minutes before class), or until the door is opened. If you arrive late, feel free to open the door and join us as soon as you arrive.
  • Please make sure your child uses the Washroom before class as their is no washroom in the basement. A Washroom is located immediately to your left when you enter the house.  It is important to wash hands with soap & water before & after entering the Waiting Room to play with toys or read a book, and to join us in the Studio.  Together we can keep each other healthier!  If your family is suffering from a cough, cold, or fever please stay home and get well or seek medical attention if needed.  We can always arrange a missed class later in the session.


During Class

  • Parents are asked to help your child remember to conduct themselves in a way that is safe, respectful, and allows others to enjoy their classes. Please remind your child not to run in class, and to treat others and equipment with respect. If your child is having a tantrum, distracting others from learning, or acting in a way that is harmful to others or the equipment, please take your child upstairs to the Waiting Room in order to calm them and to discuss appropriate behaviour.
  • Please do not bring pacifiers or toys, candies & gum, drinks or sippy cups, snack or food to class (with the exception of baby bottles during Village classes). These items may distract your child and others from fully participating in class. Thanks!
  • Please ensure that your child is dressed in comfortable clothes for movement. It would be helpful for parents to also dress in comfortable clothes to participate in the Sharing Time.
  • NUT FREE and SCENT FREE zone — Please respect that there are some family members in the studio that have sensitivities or allergies.