About Inna Froese

Inna Froese

Born and raised in Ukraine, the land of golden fields of wheat, blue waters of the Dnieper River and a scenic landscape of the Crimea Mountains, I was introduced to the world of music at the age of 5, when I started to play piano. This was the beginning of my love and appreciation for music as a way of expressing myself and the beauty of the world. My further interest in child psychology confirmed the importance of introducing children to music at the early stages of their development.

As a loving parent of my daughter, who entered Kindermusik at the age of 6 months, I strongly believe that Kindermusik can change the lives of children and their parents in such an integral way that no other early childhood program would.Together with our Kindermusik families, we create a loving, nurturing and joyful experience, inviting music and movement into our lives, creating a sense of community that discovers, gets involved and shares their journey inspired by the gift of music.